Nuke Node graph utilities using Qt/PySide2

When I first started playing with Nuke's Python API around 2012, one of the first things I made was a tool to align nodes in the node graph. In fact, I wasn't the only one, and a quick look on Nukepedia will reveal dozens and dozens of implementations of alignments tools and tools to download. [...]

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How I unexpectedly made a Minecraft Importer for Nuke

After 7 years away, I am moving back to Vancouver. This was the decision my wife and I made, after much deliberation and pros-and-cons lists. While the few people over there who I've stayed in touch with frequently knew about it, the vast majority of my past colleagues did not, and as the date was [...]

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Updating your Python scripts for Nuke 13

The recent release of Nuke 13 brought along the update from Python 2 to Python 3. After all, Python 2 has been officially dead since January 2020, and Python 3 has been around since 2008, so that update was due. Python 3 comes with quite a few improvements and a few changes that can easily [...]

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Rendering a plausible night sky (Making Stars Gizmo part 2/2)

After doing a little bit of thinking about UI in part 1 of this article, it would be great to start producing some actual pictures of stars. As I often do in my posts, this isn't a tutorial that gives you the final answer (though you could skip ahead and grab the final result), but [...]

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Custom QT Knobs for Nuke Nodes (Making Stars Gizmo part 1/2)

One task compositors are often asked to complete is to create a starry night sky. Whether you are working on an Epic Space Odyssey or the newest Rom-Com miniseries, you might be asked to sprinkle some stars in the sky. Some directors are a bit pickier than others, and you might be asked to ensure [...]

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Making 3D Lightning in Nuke using Blinkscript.

When Foundry introduced Blinkscript for Nuke, I thought there would be an explosion of new tools being created by the community, in the way that Matchbox did for Flame. While a few select users embraced it, the learning curve is a bit steep, and the learning resources scarce. Many compositors have asked me to write [...]

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Nuke Vector Matrix Toolset Release

Update June 2020: Version 1 has been released, and this article edited to reflect some of the changes. Added text will be in italics, and removed text will just be crossed. Original: Almost 2 years ago, Mathieu Goulet-Aubin released a set of tools to work with vectors and matrices in nuke on Nukepedia. Having my [...]

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Spin VFX Nuke Gizmos 2.0 Released

Last year, Spin VFX graciously agreed to release a good number of the tools for Nuke we had been working on. Some fixes and improvements have now been released in the 2.0 release. The files can be downloaded on GitHub here: Spin Nuke Gizmos - Releases For those who would like to sit through a [...]

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Attempting PBR relighting in Nuke

(If you're just here to find the tool, scroll straight to the bottom. If you want a little bit of the history of how this tool came to be, read on.) Over the year, I've tried my hands a few times at getting better results doing relighting in Nuke. As much as I love working [...]

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Nuke Notification Panel

For once, I decided to showcase something in a Video instead of writing a big wall of text. It was just easier to show the result. I started thinking about making a Notification Panel for nuke a couple of years ago, but never had the time to bring it to a decent level of completion. [...]

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