Nuke Vector Matrix Toolset Release

Update June 2020: Version 1 has been released, and this article edited to reflect some of the changes. Added text will be in italics, and removed text will just be crossed. Original: Almost 2 years ago, Mathieu Goulet-Aubin released a set of tools to work with vectors and matrices in nuke on Nukepedia. Having my [...]

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Attempting PBR relighting in Nuke

(If you're just here to find the tool, scroll straight to the bottom. If you want a little bit of the history of how this tool came to be, read on.) Over the year, I've tried my hands a few times at getting better results doing relighting in Nuke. As much as I love working [...]

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Morph_Dissolve Gizmo for Nuke (Infinite Loop Tutorial)

Between Avid’s Fluid Morph and Adobe’s Morph Cut, some of us Nuke users felt a little bit left behind. When one of our client started abusing Avid’s Fluid Morph in offline, only for us to struggle to even get something that matched the editor’s reference, let alone improve on it, I decided that it was [...]

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Nuke Tool – Rounded Rectangle + Tutorial

I was reading the excellent blog DoingThatWrong by Dan Sturm (who I don’t personally know) and saw his article about Rounded Rectangles. As I was reading the article and downloaded the tool, I wondered how I would have made a similar tool, and how to get around the limitations Dan is pointing out in his article. My [...]

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